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Services we offer:

Ceramic crowns (metal ceramic bridges)

Larger defects of teeth or missing teeth can be replaced by various types of ceramic crowns (covers). Metal ceramic crowns are usually placed in the lateral region because of the pressure that side teeth are put under when chewing.

Non-metal crowns (covers) are recommended in the front area because of outstanding aesthetics (finely emulates real tooth), though due to the lower rates the metal ceramic crowns (covers), that are also aesthetically satisfying, can sometimes be applied in the region.

Metal ceramic bridges are fixed prosthetic replacements for missing teeth, which are constructed if the patient has a sufficient number of remaining teeth. Their base is made of medical metal, on which the ceramic layers are applied, which gives a completely natural look to a crown, and it can endure strong pressure when chewing, because of the metal base. They are ideal for larger spans (when more teeth are missing).

Zirconium crown

Zirconium crowns (covers) are used to compensate the missing teeth or cover the existing damaged teeth. They have a great aesthetic effect and are recommended for front teeth. Base (cor) is made of zirconium, which is extremely strong and durable. It has advantage over metal ceramic crowns because it is translucent very similar to a natural tooth, reflecting light in much the same way.

Skeleton denture

If there are many teeth missing, due to the impossibility of using a fixed restoration, skeleton dentures have advantage. These are mobile replacements used in combination with a fixed part (crown or bridge) which are tightly tied with attachments (mechanical bond).

Total and partial dentures

If the patient hasn’t got a single tooth left, total dentures are made and attached using vacuum technique.

Aesthetic restoration

By using microfill composites (white fillings) we follow the latest developments in the aesthetic restoration field. Minor teeth defects caused by dental caries can be compensated with composite materials, which are durable and long lasting.